Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Bring your functional departments together
on one enriched and integrated dataset

About Focus Advanced Publishing Software®

Focus Advanced Publishing Software ® is a Complete Accounting and Management Software Solution for managing a publishing or book distribution business. It has been re-engineered from our pioneer and record breaking product Focus on Publishing Software ®.

Focus Advanced Publishing Software is a client/server system, meaning that each user will use the client application (Focus Advanced Publishing Software application), either installed on their PC or already installed on the server/cloud, to link to the server (that is, Microsoft SQL Server database system), which may be located in your cloud server or at your office or hosted by your IT company.

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Focus contains the following tools and features:

  • Advanced Accounting System – structured accounting enabled
  • Editorial and Production Module – contains a user-definable and workflow-driven progress tracking from proposal to product; each workflow node is capable of emailing unlimited alerts, mail merged documents, notifications, auto-assigning of ISBN and auto-creation of product forms
  • Royalty and Rights Statement Calculator – royalty statements and author statement of account are sent by email as PDFs
  • ONIX – for timely delivery of title changes to partners
    Marketing and PR – to provide market intelligence of who is buying what, so that, more of the same may be sold to them
  • Invoicing System – compatible with the Publishing Industry requirements
  • Consignment and Stock Control – to monitor stock levels and for importing sales from Amazon, WH Smith, Overseas distributors, etc.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – electronic invoices, credit notes, acknowledgement, delivery notes and ASNs
  • FOCUS (WINDOWS-SERVICE) SCHEDULER – for hands-free reporting scheduled time and date to specify members of staff and to power automated activities.
  • RICH REPORT LIBRARY – across all modules.
  • Multi-warehouse locations.
  • Multi-currency

Accounting Modules:

Sales Ledger
Customers, Contacts & Prospects Database

Manage customer records, post sales orders, invoices, credit notes in multi-location; and receive payments in multi-currency, track customer interests, credit limits, age invoices by due dates and more.


Calculate unit cost per title from actual and direct costs put through the system and instant stock valuation report for a your stock at all locations as well as per location.

Stock Ledger / Title Database

Manage title bibliographic data and the effects of sales, credits, purchases, goods-in and transfers to your quantities and present up-to-date stock quantities per stock and per location.

Purchase Order Processing

Multi-stock purchase ordering system with support for back-to-back ordering from Sales Orders, useful for most just-in-time stock procedures and print on demand titles. Cut costs and time in fulfilling orders.

Sales Order

Manage the sales ordering process, produce sales documents and deal with customer queries, multi-location stock management, refunds, dues and mail order payments in multi-currency.

Nominal Ledger
Financial Nerve Centre

Bring together all your income, expense and balance sheet items in an instant complete financial picture of the company and easily measure the performance of your company and project its profitability.

Cash & Bank Management

Make bank reconciliation easy and verifiable with the CashBook for managing bank and cash accounts i.e. nominal accounts which fall within the specified range of bank codes.

Purchase Ledger
Suppliers & Author Database

Manage detailed supplier records, post purchase invoices, credit notes in a multi-location, make payments in multi-currency, track supplier invoices by their due dates, write checks electronically and more.

Publishing Modules:


Analyze sales transactions for specified royalty period, calculate royalty based on one of 8 types of author contract, allow for adjustments such as advances, copyright fees and permissions, then post the approved royalty statements into the author's purchase ledger account as invoices or credit notes.

Customer Relationship Management

Capture customer relationships and point to your best customers with tools to add and edit calendar events, tasks, marketing campaigns, notes, contacts, leads, opportunities, support cases and transactions Create, reply to and forward e-mail messages, schedule meetings and appointments.

Web Interface

Interact with your eCommerce website. Create, send/receive and process the XML & CSV feeds for sales orders, customer records, stock titles, order tracking information, author records, contributor records and associated titles.


Manage subscriptions to your journals from individuals, institutions, companies or subscription agencies. The subscription module contains routines for global release of newly published journals for output to labels or mail-merge letter. It enables you to send renewal letters to expiring subscribers.


Transfer stock to consignee (distributor) location, manage consigned stock; produce consignment note; and import sales figures via CSV.
Value all stock held at consignee location as your stock until a sale is made and entered / imported to the system.

& Scheduling

Manage pre-press processes of a project, including tasks such as cost estimating, purchase orders, print instructions, specifications, publication date changes, capturing bibliographic data (for ONIX purposes), storing cover images and storing of digital Assets based on a customisable workflow.

Data Interchange

EDI is industry-agreed Tradacoms message format. Auto-create and auto-send EDI order acknowledgements, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes and advance shipping note (ASN); auto-receive EDI orders and load to the sales order processing SOP system.


Maintain standing orders for repeated requests for any future new title produced within a series, subject area or stock group. The system scans the stock ledger in search for stock produced within a specified publication date range. The customer may receive any new publication in a series or in a stock group/band, relevant where a publication is not defined in advance.


Analyze your prospects and customers on the basis of their demographics, interests or buying habit. Mail-merged your customer search results for output to printer, sent by email or saved as a file.
Know precisely who your customers are and what they are buying.


Track rights sale from the request stage through to contracts, advances, and to receiving royalties from rights customers. Manage the sale and acquisition of rights and permissions by accounting for the fees and charges involved, defining the applicable types of rights and territories, and repatriating relevant royalties


Ensure that authorized returns pass through stringent tests such as checking the validity of a quoted invoice on a returns request, checking how long ago the stock was sold and finally ensuring that the credit note is generated at the correct discount rate and price.


The ONIX for Books Product Information Message is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.
Hands-free, scheduled background procedures automatically create ONIX message files for multiple recipients by FTP or email.

Book Review

The Book Review module enables you to maintain extensive information about your journal review contacts, send out review copies to them and keep detailed records of the transaction including deduction from stock and feedback information.

Orders Fulfilment

The Orders Console enables you to manager your orders at their various stages of fulfillment including Releasable, Picking. Invoicing, Packing, Shipping and Issue stages