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Sales Order Processing

  • Customer Defined Invoice: Set up the unique appearance of your invoice layout and can match the most demanding customer’s invoice requirement. You can insert your company logo and other artwork into your invoice layout.
  • Flexibility: The FAP system has the flexibility to use a standard invoice layout or use a different invoice layout per sale type for every invoice generated.
  • Separate Delivery Note and Invoice: Separate Delivery Note and Invoice can be produced so that Delivery Note can accompany goods while the relevant Invoice can be sent to the invoice address.
  • Reduced Postal Charges: Invoices can be generated by order basis or grouped by customer code to save on postal charges
  • Remote warehouse invoice printing: If you outsource the fulfillment process to a third party, FAP Sales Order Processing Module can output your invoices into an XML file which can be sent to a remote warehouse for local printing. This process can print the invoice along with your logo on plain paper.
  • Overnight Dues release: The FAP system has an in-built scheduler which can be set for daily or weekly run, to scan the entire system for dues that can now be released from returns or receipt of new titles
  • Multi-Location: Allows withdrawal of stock from any location/warehouse.
  • Multi currency :Sends invoices and receives payments in customer’s own currency
  • Mixed currency :Sends invoices in one currency and receives payments in another currency
  • Campaign Tracking: FAP Sales Order Processing Module can implement your campaigns by recording the orders generated via the campaigns and allocating discounts if applicable.
  • Stock Quantities: FAP Sales Order Processing Module displays physical and free stock quantities available at the specified location.

The Sales Orders Processing (SOP) module presents various functionalities to enable you to manage the ordering process, produce sales documents and to deal with customer queries, stock management, refunds, dues and mail order payments in a multi-currency and multi-location environment.

Invoice, Credit Note, Proforma, Picking Note, Delivery Note

Multi-location, Multi-currency & Mixed currencies