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Author Royalty

  • analyze the sales in the relevant royalty periods
  • calculate royalties due to the author, according to their agreement or contract
  • adjust for advances, copyright fees and permissions
  • update approved royalty statements to the purchase ledger as invoices or credit notes
  • charge withholding tax and VAT where applicable
  • print/view royalty statements and reports
  • pay authors on account
  • multiple authors per title, and multiple titles per author.
  • use dummy royalty statements as royalty provision figure
  • royalty statements are posted as invoices or credit notes into the purchase ledger
  • instant author’s statement of account
  • peculiar payment plan per author
  • royalty payee account can be different from the author account

Analyzes sales transactions covering the selected royalty period, calculates royalty based on one of 8 types of author agreement or contract, allowing for adjustments such as advances, copyright fees and permissions.

Then posts the approved royalty statements into the author’s purchase ledger account as invoices or credit notes.

8 types of author agreement or contract

Adjust for advances, fees and permissions.