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Rights Management

  • track your rights sale from its interest stage through contracts, advances, to receiving royalties in
  • monitor permission sales
  • prevent any sale to a territory for which rights have been sold
  • transfer each rights sale to the sales order processing for onward invoicing
  • provide full marketing search and letter mail merge
  • compute royalty payable to the author on rights sale which you can set to be different from the author’s entitlement from conventional book sales
  • track your rights acquisitions from its consideration stage through contracts, advances, to paying royalties out. You can add, edit and decline considerations / contracts. As well as manage advances, materials and other contract fees
  • unlimited number of types of rights
  • author Approval and Exclusive Royalties also provided
  • easily transfer Sales of Rights into the Sales Order Processing module
  • drill-Down of Sales of Rights by Titles, Customers, Countries, Languages and types of Rights
  • rights availability reports provided

The Rights Management module provides a front-end for tracking rights sale from the request stage through to contracts, advances, and to receiving royalties from rights customers.

Manage the sale and acquisition of rights and permissions by accounting for the fees and charges involved, defining the applicable types of rights and territories, and repatriating relevant royalties

Define applicable types of rights & territories

Track rights sale
Account for fees & charges

Receive rights royalties