Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Bring your functional departments together
on one enriched and integrated dataset

Production & Scheduling

  • create a new product
  • setup product profiles
  • produce a cost estimate
  • track progress of project
  • compose a print instruction
  • manage schedules & tasks
  • auto-email new publication dates
  • easily create print instruction documents
  • maintain multiple profiles of cost estimates.
  • auto-detect cheapest book printers
  • maintain list of scheduled production tasks
  • monitor all the production stages from the author to reader
  • hold cover images and blurbs
  • calculate budgeted unit cost, total production costs, and breakeven stock quantity
  • maintain multiple estimates per proposal
  • maintain the costing history of each proposal
  • view actual unit cost can be
  • print instant Profit and Loss per title, series or stock group
  • setup flexible Schedule Types
  • auto-check for clashes in task duration periods
  • add unlimited Comment Lines for each Stock

Free your publishing department to carry on with commissioning, editorial, production, marketing etc. without need to wait for information from the accounts department.

The production module integrates with the rest of the system to calculate the budgeted unit cost and production cost for any title, for instance, or to produce stock listing to match specific requirement.

Track Progress & Schedule Tasks

Produce a cost estimates & Budgeted Profit and Loss

Do Print Instructions & Use Gant chart