Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Bring your functional departments together
on one enriched and integrated dataset

Financial Nerve Centre

  • Provides an instant complete financial picture of the company.
  • Transactions may be posted in real time or batch mode.
  • Posting into any previous year period
  • Unlimited combination of debits and credits in journals.
  • Automated prepayment journals.
  • Automated provisional journals with automatic reversal.
  • Posting of opening year audit journals.
  • User definable sub headings within fixed overall headings.
  • Structured nominal accounts chart.
  • Unlimited bank accounts and cash transfers between accounts.
  • Each bank account can be individually reconciled, with printed reconciliation reports
  • Holds 36 periods of monthly figures.
  • 3-Years Audit trail report by period.
  • Production of trial balance, profit and Loss Summaries and Balance Sheet as at any period in the current or previous year.
  • Comparison of current year actual and current year budgets
  • Comparison of current year actual and previous year actual

It provides an instant complete financial picture of the company, by bringing together all your income, expense and balance sheet items.

You can easily measure the performance of your company and project its profitability.

Real time or batch posting

Innovative Previous Year Posting

3-Year Financial Summaries