Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Performance driven, future oriented,
standard and secure technology

The complete accounting and management software solution for managing a publishing or book distribution business
  • Version: 8.33
  • Date Published: 16/01/2020
  • Requires Microsoft SQL 2008 or Later
  • Download and Install FAP
  • Activate FAP with Licence
  • Install and configure SQL Server
  • Connect to your SQL database
  • Map network drive P:
  • Install latest .Net Framework (4.7.2)
  • Install Crystal Report Redistributables
  • Setup ODBC Setup Data source name
Focus Support is always available to help with your questions. Send an email to


  • On the Start menu select All Programs > Focus Advanced Publishing or double‐click the FAP icon on your desktop
  • Click OK to activate your licence.


  • Select the Login tab
  • Enter the following
    • User Name:
    • Password:
  • Tick the Save All Settings box
  • Click Sign In
  • Enter your user name and password and click the‘Sign In’ button.

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FAP Windows Service (Scheduler)

The FAP Scheduler enables hands-free report generation and auto-emailing.


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