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Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Bring your functional departments together
on one enriched and integrated dataset

Focus Advanced Publishing Software ® is a back-office system for managing a publishing or book-distribution business. It has been re-engineered from our pioneer and record-breaking product Focus on Publishing Software® (FOP).

Focus Advanced Publishing Software is a client/server system, meaning that each user will use the client application (Focus Advanced Publishing Software application), either installed on their PC or already installed on the server/cloud, to link to the server (that is, Microsoft SQL Server database system), which may be located in your cloud server or at your office or hosted by your IT company.

Sales Ledger tools

The Sales Ledger presents you with the most extensive range of features, which enable you to track customer interests, keep check on customer credit limits, post payments, track invoices and age them by their due dates, and manage customer records, including

  • use your own account code format or system generated code format
  • show VAT value on Invoice
  • forward and backward posting in sales and purchase ledgers
  • every sale type can have a unique invoice layout
  • broadcast a message to a specific user or all the users
  • track customers' buying history from unlimited subject interests and generate a list of potential customers for you promotions
  • transfer payments between sales and purchase ledger transactions via Contra Entries
  • identify customers when running reports and searches using Customer Classifications
  • use powerful search routines by enabling user-defined criteria based on over 200 fields
  • automate the creation of internet customer accounts and import of sales order and payment details to the sales ledger to form part of daily reporting using the electronic web interface
  • store customers shipping address (if applicable) so that the shipping address is automatically shown as part of three-way addressing on their invoices, along side the invoice and delivery addresses.
  • allocate sales made to branches in a bookshop chain via the head office account
  • each account can have its own special credit term, but accounts paid for by a head office will automatically inherit the head offices' credit term.
  • trade with a customer in customer's own currency and Price band - and an account can be allocated any one of seven price bands
  • hold default discounts for each account which will be applied if no other forms of discount exist for the account in the system
  • store price or discount per stock item or stock group per customer which will automatically be applied on a head office account and its branches
  • display instant the turnover report for 12 periods per account and drill down to reveal the transactions making up the turnover balances
  • prevent invoicing to customers put on stop, but will accept orders from such accounts
  • view the allocation history of a payment to other transactions such as invoices, credit notes and payment adjustment
  • produce overnight and ad hoc management reports such as Profit and Loss per title, Aged Analysis of Debtor and Creditors, Publishers Management Accounts - comparing budgets versus accruals, at the series and nominal ledger levels
  • do month- and year-end routines


The complete system contains the following Accounting and Publishing modules:

Product Levels

Prices start from £999.95 based on the product level selected. Please click here to request for a full price list.