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Focus Advanced Publishing software ™

Bring your functional departments together
on one enriched and integrated dataset

Focus Advanced Publishing Software ® is a back-office system for managing a publishing or book-distribution business. It has been re-engineered from our pioneer and record-breaking product Focus on Publishing Software® (FOP).

Focus Advanced Publishing Software is a client/server system, meaning that each user will use the client application (Focus Advanced Publishing Software application), either installed on their PC or already installed on the server/cloud, to link to the server (that is, Microsoft SQL Server database system), which may be located in your cloud server or at your office or hosted by your IT company.


It contains the following tools:
  • Advanced Accounting System.
  • Editorial and Production Module – contains a user-definable and workflow-driven progress tracking from proposal to product; each workflow node is capable of emailing unlimited alerts, mail merged documents, notifications, auto-assigning of ISBN and auto-creation of product forms.
  • Royalty and Rights Statement Calculator
  • ONIX – for timely delivery of title changes to partners.
  • Marketing and PR – to provide market intelligence of who is buying what, so that, more of the same may be sold to them.
  • Invoicing System - compatible with the Publishing Industry requirements.
  • Consignment and Stock Control – to monitor stock levels and for importing sales from Amazon, WH Smith, Overseas distributors, etc.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – electronic invoices, credit notes, acknowledgement, delivery notes and ASNs.


The complete system contains the following Accounting and Publishing modules:

Product Levels

Prices start from £999.95 based on the product level selected. Please click here to request for a full price list.